The past several years have witnessed significant changes in the China business landscape. Companies that performed at the margin in a highly expansionary  environment are now encountering unprecedented operating challenges as, in many cases, growth in export revenues slows and costs increase. Companies that entered China enthusiastically and relied on expanding overseas demand and generous government subsidies now find themselves operating in a significantly more demanding environment. Businesses need to adapt in order to survive, but in many cases, close evaluation of people and systems reveals weaknesses that limit management’s ability to effect necessary change.

SE can help in troubled and turnaround situations. SE’s senior personnel have significant experience assessing challenging situations, developing detailed and realistic plans to effect restructuring/recovery, and then leading hands-on, practical implementations.

• Conducting financial and operational assessments
• Advising stakeholders on recovery/turnaround strategies
• Value extraction / recovery maximization on behalf of creditors
• Negotiating and implementing restructuring agreements
• Assisting with divestment of assets / business operations
• Advising on mergers and acquisitions and assisting in post merger integration
• Providing interim management services / overseeing workouts