“Trust, but verify”

Doing business overseas can be complex and challenging. In the constantly evolving China environment, achieving success, while at the same time ensuring compliance and consistent alignment with corporate objectives, requires a careful balance of empowerment of local staff reinforced by effective management oversight and monitoring. Successful companies understand that frequent and substantive interaction with China staff can lead to lower risk, closer adherence to company goals and, ultimately, better operating results. Unfortunately, in many instances, time and budget constraints limit the ability of senior management to achieve optimal in-country contact.

SE understands the business environment foreign companies deal with every day in China, and the unique risks that can arise. Experienced SE personnel extend the reach and vision of senior operating executives by providing in-country management oversight and monitoring for China operations. Through increased frequency of contact, familiarity with clients’ business objectives, and a well-developed sensitivity to “China issues”, SE personnel extend senior management’s reach and value creation potential.

Frequency and nature of interaction depend on each client’s unique situation, but a typical arrangement would involve structured quarterly on-site reviews, preceded and followed by conference calls with overseas senior management to define specific objectives, concerns, risks and any required follow-up. A detailed written report accompanies each review. Management oversight services are provided on a retained basis, with a minimum one year contractual duration. Fees are fixed and travel costs are billed directly (based on budget agreed in advance by the client).